Learn from award-winning filmmakers

Chaired by Bob Giraldi, the director who played a major role in the music video revolution and who continues to be a prolific creative force, our faculty is the best in the business. They continue to stay close to the field, producing their own short films—and winning awards doing so—so what you learn is fresh, relevant and backed by years of experience.

Faculty Work

Money Dog Trailer
Two teenage boys living on the desperate streets of the 1980's South Bronx steal a pit bull puppy from Paco the Psycho. They plan to train the dog to one day fight for money. As time passes, a loving friendship with the dog develops, creating a conflict between the boys. Meanwhile, Paco the Psycho has picked up their scent. Newly created from long-lost footage shot in the 1980's, this film provides a rare window into a vanished New York world. Directed by Michael Holman.