Directing During a Pandemic!

Each year the Masters in Directing program produces a professionally-written script with the goal of bringing a practical and fully immersive on-set experience to our students. Historically, this Teaching Film has been shot over 2 days, with professionals and students in all key roles.

Our students have always emerged from these projects tremendously grateful for the opportunity to observe a seasoned film director and crew in action.

Obviously, the Covid-19 pandemic dictated we reevaluate the approach to this key component of our program. But all filmmaking requires fearlessness and ingenuity, so we embraced the limitations and found a way to safely and creatively produce and film a shorter, simpler scene.

With a small in-person cast & crew and using one of our empty classrooms, we employed a certified Covid-19 compliance officer, and created a setup where the director, Bob Giraldi, chair of the Directing program, could remotely captain the ship-- and, we went to work.

Students joined from their respective locations around the world and were able to observe the entire process.

From Zoom casting sessions, DP meetings, pre-lighting, rehearsals, to filming, editing, then color correction, music composition, and sound mix.