Lea Sassi, Class of 2019

Léa Sassi is a French director and set designer based currently in New York City. After studying journalism for few years at the European Institute of Journalism in Paris (France), she moved to New York to do her master’s degree in Directing at School of Visual Arts. Daisy Desire is her first narrative short film and is inspired by her own family. Movie Link

Abraham Rozenbaum, Class of 2019

Abraham Rozenbaum is a New York City-based Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter, and Editor from Caracas, Venezuela. He earned a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York (SVA) where he won two grants and several international awards for his thesis film “Ayuda”. He earned his MPS in Directing from SVA in May of 2019 with his next narrative comedy, “Ojos Que No Ven”.
He is a former Video Producer and Editor for business magazines Inc. and Fast Company. Abraham envisions to direct and produce narrative productions and music videos in NYC and internationally. Movie Link Website Link

Rebecca Halfon, Class of 2018

Rebecca Halfon is a writer, director, producer & editor from New York City.
Her debut short, Bodega, was completed in 2018.  Both warm and real, the film gives a comical and human face to Muslim immigrants that defies stereotype, while offering a rare portrayal of teen girls as empowered, funny, and flawed.
The film was selected for the 2018 Paula Rhodes Memorial Award for Excellence in Directing at the School of Visual Arts, and won second prize at the SVA Graduate Film Festival.  It will have its world festival premiere in 2019. 
Prior to pursuing filmmaking, Rebecca held a variety of roles in the film, media and political advocacy world.  In 2015, she helped to found Hollywood United for a Healthy California, a coalition working to unite the entertainment industry against the fossil fuel industry in CA.  She continues to be passionate about and engaged in the environmental justice movement.  In addition to graduating from SVA’s Master’s in Directing program, she is a proud alumna of Barnard College.
She lives in Brooklyn. Website Link

Gina Lee, Class of 2017

Gina Lee is a filmmaker who creates films with warmth. She moved to New York from Seoul to explore film, as a visual form because it is one of the most direct ways to deliver her message. She studied various forms of media such as book, radio, magazine, television, and film at New York University. She received her masters from MPS Directing at the School of Visual Arts in 2017. She wrote and directed her first short film “My Alter Ego” in 2015 and is now preparing her second short film “Foundation”. She believes that although she can’t solve everybody’s problems, she wants her films to be a source of fervency for those in need. Movie Link